americanflagpantsHeight– 5’7″

Weight– 230

Age– 24

Throws/Bats – Right/Right

Position– Big Willie. Nah Nah really though back catcher, center field.

Hometown – Rochester, NY

Always Home – Buffalo, NY

University – Canisius College

Favorite Quote– “What’s living if you never pull your shorts down and slide on the ice?” – Louis Stevens

Favorite Quote– “Cheesy Eggs First.” – Jalen Dennis

Amateur Record – 1-1  1KO

Greatest Achievement- 45-second, first round knockout in the NYS Golden Gloves Tournament.

About me

My name is Josh Leonardo. I am hard working, hairy chested, red-meat devouring man. Yankees, Bills, Sabres, Nets, Go Dawgs  (If i stopped right here it would sound like a Myspace bio). I am the founder of this gem of a website that you have stumbled upon and right now my only goal in life is to have as much fun as I possibly can. My favorite song is What’s Up by the 4-Non Blondes and if you don’t like it I will fight you. Add me on linkedin.


Cheesy Eggs First, Though
Danny Boy! 
Dear Boston
Blame it all on my Roots
I’ve Seen the Sights, I love the Sights