Danny Boy!


Josh: A little while ago, myself and Kevin Walsh had the privilege of standing with our best friend as his Best Men on his wedding day. This is a once in a lifetime experience for a lot people and being the klutz that I am, I was already nervous about the whole day. But my best friend was about to get married and I can only imagine that he was a little more nervous than I was. So Kev and I played it as cool as we could for Danny boy.

Kevin: Dan dropped the ball on us in Ellicottville in the manner any asker-of-best-men should: In a hot tub after about 7-8 beers (Actually, Josh may have doubled that figure, you get the point). The picture below says it all. Lets just say for me the hot tub wasn’t the only thing misty in this photo. I couldn’t have been happier to see my little man off.

Side note, Dan looked better than ever with his new found “hard part”.


Dan, we’ve come a long way and I couldn’t have been more pumped to be in your wedding. 



Josh: After seeing the beautiful bride, the beautiful wedding ceremony, and talking to all the friends and family about how beautiful everything was, the only thing on our minds was not being the blunder of the beautiful day. By the time we were called up to give the speech, we were both sweating like greased monkeys! We couldn’t hang on to a ball, let alone a microphone!

Kevin: For those of you who don’t know, this was my second time being a best man, NBD. Not only does that show just the type of guy I am, but imagine how nervous Josh was… 2nd and 3rd grade were easy. but 4th grade, science and math… this is gonna be tough! 

Josh: I blacked out through the whole speech. I don’t know what happened! The only thing I do remember from the speech is having to hold my left hand (which was holding the speech) tightly up to my body because it was shaking so much. Aside from looking like I was shaking Maracas, I was told we did a great job on the speech, but I will let you guys be the judge of that.

Dan and Rebecca, a month or so has passed since the wedding and I still could not be more happy for the two of you. I am so glad I was able to celebrate such a HUGE life move with you guys. It was an amazing weekend filled with friends, family, and promises of forever ❤ and for me, it was the truest definition of “roller coaster of emotion” I have ever experienced. I know you two are going to make each other very happy for the rest of your lives and I cannot wait to witness the great things you guys do for this world.

Kevin: I second everything that Josh just said. It was an amazing wedding, the photos look like they came from Beauty and the Beast (Dan, being the Beast). And aside from the impending doom of the 8 hour car ride home on Sunday, I had an absolute blast. Shout out to Pedialyte for keeping my head on planet earth the next morning. What a reception, I wished they taped it… Oh wait they did, content to come. I also had the privilege of signing the marriage certificate which makes it even more legit in my opinion. Rebecca, amazing job planning everything, it went off without a hitch, except for you getting hitched (hilarious)! Shout out to Dan on the flower arrangements, I know that you put some time into that, nice work. But in all seriousness, so happy for Dan and Rebecca and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your wedding, it was an honor.



Below is the speech.

We thought we did mediocre, people told us it was amazing.

We will let you be the judge. 





Josh and Kevin sing: Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling.

Josh: Just one of the many songs we can recall Dan trying to sing in the best tone-deaf voice I have ever heard. Rebecca, I wish you luck in trying to decipher if a dog is drowning or Dan is singing to what may sound like the tune to “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks. And Dan, you can’t blame your lack of musical intelligence on your roots either, because your parents met in the band.

Dan, when we first met, were running sprints together on the Freshmen Football team, I bet you Dan never thought I was going to beat him in those sprints. Oh, but I did. But I never thought that we would go on to remain best friends through high school, that we would go on to win a state championship, that we would go to the same college together where you introduced me to my other lifelong best friend, Labatt Blue Light, and Kevin I guess…

Kevin: We met on a hot, sultry, summer morning at Canisius College. I think it was the second morning of orientation week and Bosch 4 was less than enthused to be at a “morning stretch” in the quad. All lined up, we followed the yoga-like motions of Father Bucki and magic happened. When we were asked to imagine picking bananas from a tree and I looked over at Dan and saw him picking bananas at a rate that would make Chiquita blush, and I was no slouch myself. We glanced over at each other and shared a “you are as sick as I am, we are brothers for life now” look. The rest they say is history.


Josh: Dan we have been through ever step of our teenage and young adult lives with each other. You have helped me with many of life’s toughest battles, whether it was a battle with myself, or a battle with some guy who thought he was tough at the bar, or a battle with Kevin in the front yard. You were always right there by my side to help me through it. And for that I owe you my life.

Kevin: Now, apart from battling, I would go as far as saying we were stand-up Buffalo, NY citizens and we brought out the best of each other.

  • We were sure to keep each other up on our studies through forcing ourselves to get our work done by Wednesday’s at 5PM so we could begin our going-out regiment, which was very strict and typically went from Wednesday to Sunday after the Bills’ games.
  • We gave back to the community through dedicated Saturday service which may or may not have been mandated by Public Safety for reasons we will not discuss.
  • And we maintained the environment through diligently saving roughly $250 worth of beer cans over the course of a semester and recycling them at the local Wegmans.

Yes, we were out to, and to quote Father Bucki again, “set the world on fire” and in many cases we did.

But in all seriousness I am so lucky to have met Dan. He is a good dude no matter what way you slice it. He made quite a few promises and commitments to me over the course of the past 7 years and he followed through with everyone of them. Some of which included:

  • We crush these beers before Ziki Taxi shows up.
  • At City Tavern we once vowed to be at each other’s weddings. One down.
  • Dan promise me you will get me home from the bars.

“Let’s bring our boy home. -Gene Hackman” – Dan Redmond

But out of all of those promises and commitments Dan made to me, I think the most important one is the one he made today with Rebecca. Rebecca, you are awesome, not only do you keep Dan on his toes and rational (yes, Dan has been known to be a little irrational), but you are a great lady and I know you will be as uplifting, loyal, and kind-hearted to Dan as he is to you. I am honored to be able to stand up here today and I am so excited for your future and for this reception.

Josh: Dan, I will never forget the first time you and Rebecca spoke to each other. There we were sitting in our 9AM macroeconomics class. We had already taken our sears in the second row from the back like the good students that we were. And up walks Rebecca. She locks eyes with Dan and says “Hi” like any normal human being would. But what she didn’t know is that Dan had been trying to work up the courage to talk to her for a solid month now. And when he finally got the opportunity, he froze like a deer in the headlights. You could see the panic on his face. He had so many things he wanted to say, but he couldn’t think of one. With the cold, blank look that was on his face, he raised his right hand, and in his best impression of Beaker from the Muppets, he said “HI!”

He completely blew it.

Dan, you are smart, you try to be funny, and you can throw beers back with the best of them (but not too many because, we know, we know, you can’t burp). Mr. and Mrs. Redmond, he didn’t turn out quite as good as Katie and Cara, but for what you were working with you did a great job. Rebecca and Dan, I know you two are going to live a happy life together and I can only hope to find a love as strong as yours some day. I wish you two nothing but the best in life’s journey together.

Kevin: Alright, this has been  an emotional roller coaster for everyone in the room.

Josh and Kevin: Rebecca, welcome to the family!

Kevin: Congrats you two. Let’s cut a rug that would put Chippewa St. to shame. Cheers!


Joshua Leonardo |  Kevin Walsh

Founding Publisher  |  Assistant Editor

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