Cheesy Eggs First, Though. 

A Flexin’, Younger Me

A mantra I first heard from one of my lifelong best friends and college roommate, Jalen Dennis. A Division-I Baseball player, his main goal in life was to get into shape to help his baseball career, or as he put it, “Thick Back, Barrel Chest.”
But this is not just a mantra for him; it is a way of life for Jalen. He spent many nights flexing every muscle in the mirror always looking for what he had to work on next. It may sound a bit douchey,  and at the time, I admit, I thought it was. But what started as a joke, grew to be so much more.

It has become a way of life for me as well. Every weekday morning, I wake up at 5:30 AM (emphasis on weekday here as I tend to find myself a little tired and dehydrated on Saturday and Sunday mornings), I go to the kitchen, turn on my griddle, and I fry up one egg with some sprinkled cheddar on top. And every morning I think of my best friend, Jalen Dennis; The man who always strives to be better than he was the day before.

And every time I feel like I cannot push myself through anymore, I always think back to what I said I was going to get accomplished today and I think back to those thoughts over my morning cheesy eggs; my start to becoming better than I was the day before.

And that was the most important thing Jalen Dennis taught me: You gotta start somewhere.

And for guys like us, it starts with Cheesy Eggs First.


Josh Leonardo

Founding Publisher

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