Height – 5’ 11 9/10”screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-8-01-21-pm

Weight – 175 lbs. – perfect build ladies

Shot – Left

Position – Center/Right Wing

Age – 25 (but I look like a hard 30)

Hometown – Rochester, NY

Current Town – Baltimore, MD

University – Canisius College

Favorite quote – A lot to choose from but right now let’s go with “Get out of the way fatty” – girls that are in my way at the bar.

Greatest achievement – Getting mistaken for an NHL player at a company ice skating event at KeyBank Center. Some called it foreshadowing I just like to call it another day at the office.

About me

My name is Patrick Scherer (or Patty O’Scherer to the Laymen). I’m a 25 year old financial planner who recently, like Kevin Walsh, ricocheted out of WNY to Baltimore, MD. I’m a very humble individual who just happen to get a hole-in-one once. It really wasn’t a big deal but basically what a hole-in-one is for those of you that don’t know is hitting a golf ball off a tee box and having it go directly into the hole with just one shot. For me, it was a 141 yard Par 3 on a sunny September day in 2014. The birds were singing, the beers were flowing, and my Prov1 was about to take an unforgettable flight. I just dropped her down on the 12th tee box at Glen Oak Golf Club Golf Course in East Amherst, grabbed my pitching wedge, and delivered a strike that would piss all my friends off for years to come. Flying over a pond in front of the green, my ball traveled all 141 yards, hit the green, spun back, and rolled into the pin square before falling directly into the cup. We recently just celebrated our 2 year anniversary together and still going strong. I’m also a men’s league hockey all-star that lead the Labatt Blue Pond hockey tournament the past 2 years in goals without passing when it would have been much easier to do so. Being a humble man, it would be inappropriate to list all of my achievements on here. If you’d like the complete list, please reach out to someone in my network or set up a few hours with me directly.

My Contributions

The (Golf) Shot heard ’round the World
The “Wanna-Be” Ralph