Height – 6’110475485_10152599531900645_8194206820074719137_o.jpg

Weight – 165

Throws/Bats/Shoots – Right

Position – Small Forward

Hometown – Rochester, NY

Favorite Quote – “You’re only moms favorite because you’re a preemie” -Frazer

Greatest Achievement – Almost beat a Rochester Razorshark in HORSE.

About Me

My name is Max Kesselring. I am a huge sports fan and have loved listening to sports talk radio my entire life.  I played every sport growing up. Mainly basketball and football in high school, and ultimate frisbee through college. Outside of organized sports am always doing other active and adventurous activities such as snowboarding and rock climbing. I am the kind of person who loves to talk, and loves to get into conversations with people. Thats where “The Masters of Mediocrity” comes in. My brother (Frazer) and I are starting are own podcast. We plan to talk about everything and anything, from sports and pop culture, to experiences in our own lives. So to tune in to “The Masters of Mediocrity” and listen to some nonsense. 

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The Masters of Mediocrity