Height – 6’0eddybio

Weight – 180

Age – 23

Throws/Bats – Right/Right

Position – Left Bench

Hometown – Hamburg, NY (Shoutout to JP)

Current Town – Buffalo, NY

Favorite Quote – “Lifes tough get a helmet” -Heard it somewhere

Greatest Achievement – Can quote 97% of Super Troopers

About Me

My name is Andrew Edbauer. First name is Michael, though no one calls me Andrew or Michael.  I’ve been known to go by Eddy, Edbauer, Bauer, Cranpoo, Frantower, think of nickname and I’ve probably gone by it.  I’m a die hard Buffalo Bills fan and even though I live in Florida now I’ll always be a Buffalo bred kid. I’ll be providing some insight on my experiences and what it’s like to live in the alternate universe that is Florida.  I used to dabble in swimming, the occasional intramural athletics, and retired from City Tavern (RIP Sweet Prince) when I moved South of the Mason.  I’m a simple fella who lives by two rules:

1) always dance when Silenced by Mr. Brightside comes on and

2) Always chew Big Red, and if you don’t chew Big Red then Fuck you.  Read my shit, or don’t, whichever tickles your fancy.  Cheers Lads. 


Saturday in Knoxville